Newspapers Publishing

Free newspaper  “Our Home - Staten Island”  is the only newspaper being distributed on the Island!

Each and every resident of the Island knows and loves our newspaper and has the ability to pick it up UNLIMITED in store «Netcost», in various centers for children and adults, medical offices, businesses and libraries.

Only in the newspaper "Our Home-Staten Island" one can find Russian TV Program.

It has been proven that advertisements in a free weekly newspaper give way better results than any glossy directory.  Advertising next to ethnic TV program is guaranteed to accomplish the goal.

If you want to spend money wisely with the maximum RESULT - the island's only newspaper "Our Home-Staten Island" is the convenient and guaranteed way to success.

For advertising please contact:

718.312.8121 Tel.           800.792.8719 Toll Free Fax           mail@nashdom.us